Sea view bungalows


We have four sea view bungalows, all with different design.


The structure materials of our bungalows are a well balanced mix of cement, smart board and wood, they have a fan and are built with isolation.


All the windows have mosquito nets that allow the sea breeze to pass the room without having the room full of uninvited animals.


The colored glass provides privacy, even if the curtains are not closed.


Our mattress are clean and from good quality. 

What's special about B1 and B2 (23-25 sqm)


The newer bungalows have an open air bathroom, they have queen size beds, nice wall decoration and large shutter windows.


What's special about B3 and B4 (31 sqm) 


The aluminum sliding doors and windows give you a beautiful view through a 3 meters glass front towards the beach from a king size bed. Wooden floor and nice decoration give the room a warm feeling. The bathroom is very friendly and bright and also has mosquito nets all around.






All the sea view bungalows have the same price, even they are not same.


We don’t make reservations for a special bungalow as we have to try to bring the bookings together without having too much empty spaces between. If you prefer one, please let us know and we try our best to make it possible, but we cannot guarantee it.