Tent bungalows


We have 6 furnished two-room tents on elevated wooden platforms, each with electricity (4 sockets + bathroom and outside lighting).

Each tent has a private bathroom and a roof made from nature materials that protects the tent from sunshine and rain.


They are quite big and airy. The advantage of the tents is that they don’t store the heat and you always have a cool breeze flowing through the windows.


The sleeping room has 3 windows with double mosquito nets and

2 doors with nets towards the living area which also has mosquito nets all around. All the windows and doors can be additionally closed from outside and inside the tent.


We replace the tents every three years and therefore can guarantee that all mosquito nets and zips are ok.


The furniture is a queen size bed with a high quality mattress, a small wardrobe and a wooden floor lamp in the sleeping room and a Japanese table with Thai-pillows and another floor lamp in the front room.


If you want to have the experience of high class camping this will be the most comfortable way to try it.