How to come to Koh Phayam... and to Friends Bungalow


If you arrive at the pier you can rent a motorbike or take one of the motorbike taxis. The price to Aow Yai beach is 80 Baht, it's a fix price and you don't have to bargain. If you drive by yourself you have to start from the pier on the big road until there is a crossing at the school. There you go left and follow the street. Short before you come to the beach there is another crossing where you have to turn right (we are next to Hornbill Hut, so just follow this sign). After a few hundred meters you will see a blue sign 'Friends', there you turn left.


Boat schedule:   

There are 2 different boats to Koh Phayam.

The normal ferry (also called 'slow boat') takes about 2 hours and is 200 Baht per person.

The speed boat only takes about 40 minutes and is 350 Baht per person.

They only go in good weather conditions and in high season.


In high season the speed boats start from around 7am in the morning until 5pm in the afternoon and go about every hour.

But you have to check for the correct time short before.

The slow boats schedule is same all year:                            


Ranong to Koh Phayam:    9.30 and 14.00                

                                         10.00 (different pier)       


Koh Phayam to Ranong:    8.30 and 14.00              

                                          15.00 (to different pier)                                    


There is a new website where you can book tickets online:




If you don't want to fly to Ranong the best way to get there is by bus. You can of course also take the train to Chumpon, but altogether it takes longer and then you have to anyway take a bus to get from Chumpon to Ranong.

The busses from Bangkok start from the southern bus station around 8 pm and are kind of comfortable.

You just have to be careful to book a bus with not more than 24 seats (the more seats per bus, the smaller the space for sitting). 

They are called VIP-Busses and cost around 600-700 Baht.

You will arrive at Ranong very early in the morning.

A nice idea to kill the time until the boat leaves is to visit the hot springs. The best way is to take a taxi.


They are selling tickets from Bkk including the speed boat for more than 2.000 Baht, don't do that... it's totally overpriced and the speed boat owners not accept these tickets!








Nok Air is flying from Ranong to Bangkok daily.


There are always taxis waiting at the airport, it takes about 30 min. to the Ranong Pier. You can also book a taxi with the local travel agency (see below) and also ask them to make a reservation for the speed boat tickets. 


Another option is to take a flight to Suratthani, it’s only a 2 hours taxi drive away from Ranong (with the bus a little bit longer).


A good idea is to book a taxi at the local travel agency (see below) and also make a reservation for the speedboat tickets.




Is there a bank on Koh Phayam? ... No!

 t would be maybe helpful to know that there is no ATM or Bank on Koh Phayam.

If you want to change money you will get a better rate on the main land. So it is a good idea to bring enough cash in Thai Baht with you. Another option is to use a credit card to get cash. They charge a fee of 4 to 5 %.




Travel Agency?

If you want to make any kind of bookings for transportation we can recommend Pon’s Place.

The travel agency is located at Ranong and offers all kind of transportation and bookings.

They are very honest and out of our experience the cheapest ones.

But they are also very busy, so it’s best to give them a call instead of writing mails.

077-823344 or 081-5974549