Electricity from solar power

Since there is no central power supply on Koh Phayam each resort has to have its own generator.

In 2012 we started to use solar power and because the batteries supplied enough electricity for all tents and bungalows all night long we were very pleased and bought 13 more panels in 2013. We had 24 hours electricity in the restaurant and from 18.00 until morning in the tents and bungalows.

We tried different hardware and different positions for the panels and are very happy to say that we were able to provide 24 hours electricity in all the bungalows and tents last season (Nov.14-April 15)!

Our plan is to provide 24 hours electricity also for this season but we will only guarantee it for the restaurant. In the bungalows and tents we guarantee electricity from 18.00 until morning. If the weather is cloudy we may not have enough power in the batteries and we don’t want to promise more than we can provide…


The tents have 4 sockets inside (2 for the floor lamps in each cabin) and exterior lighting which are coupled to the light in the bathroom.

The bungalows also have at least 4 sockets (B3 and B4 have more) and of course also exterior lighting and bathroom lighting.